Our Expertise


Our business law experts will use their expertise to assist companies, founders, entrepreneurs,  shareholders and managers with legal advise in all matters of business law from drafting and negotiating contracts to dispute solutions in and out of court.

Corporate Law

Regardless whether single person entrepreneur, family business, medium size enterprise or international corporation: We will be with you in all areas of coporate law.

We assist you from estalishing your business in the appropriate legal form (e.g. GmbH, UG (haftungsbeschränkt), AG, OHG und GmbH & Co. KG) including more general advice and assistance for start-ups. We will draft your documentation such as your statutes, manuals, contracts for directors and officers etc. We will also assist in mergers & aquisitions as well as divestitures including due diligence processes. We are experts in (re-)designing corporate structures such as holding or group strucures, liquidations or changes in control in whole or in part.

Disputes can significatly hamper a company’s success. They – and their resolutions – are part of our usual business and we are happy to assist you whether you are a minority shareholder trying to assert their rights or the majority shareholder trying to find a solution with their minority shareholders; or whether it is your company havng issues with their managers or you are a manager having issues with their shareholders.

From establishing your enterprise to succession and estate planning, together with our international partners, tax advisors and auditors, we offer comprehensive cross border advice.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise our clients in the context of national and international corporate mergers and acquisitions.

In this context, we offer customised strategies and solutions for both small local and complex cross-border transactions or joint ventures, support you in due diligence and prepare corresponding reports.

Together with tax advisors, auditors and foreign law firms, we offer comprehensive advice.

Trade Law and Distribution Law

Be it B2C or B2B, be it a direct, indirect or multi-level distribution channel. There are a multitude of sales channels and many different distribution systems.

Competition in these areas is often intense. Any negligence in legal issues may quickly be attacked by competitors.

We advise enterprises, family businesses and medium-sized companies as well as large, internationally active or listed companies comprehensively in the areas of trade law and distribution law: from the establishment of new distribution structures, the design and modification of corporate organisation to the winding-up or planning and implementation of corporate succession.

Thanks to our international network, we are also able to provide comprehensive advice to domestic and foreign clients on cross-border legal problems.



Corporate Compliance

A plethora of legal regulations limits the scope for entrepreneurial action. Whether in the areas of product liability, protection of know-how and trade secrets, corporate governance, contract management, antitrust law, corruption prevention, anti-discrimination regulations, data protection or in the other compliance-relevant areas of law: Violations of the law often lead to liability for damages, severe penalties, loss of reputation or even personal liability of managing directors and/or members of the supervisory or administrative board.

Through our advice on the design, implementation and maintenance of compliance structures, we work with you to reduce the liability risks for you personally and your company.

Data Protection Law

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has brought the topic of data protection into focus for many companies for the first time and continues to attract a great deal of attention in business practice – not least due to the threat of high fines. We support you with complex questions and find practical solutions. Starting with the examination of your data processing, the drafting of contracts (e.g. order processing agreement, joint controllership) and data protection declarations, the assertion or defence of data subjects’ rights, up to support in the event of reportable data breaches, we are happy to assist you with our legal expertise.

Financial Markets and Regulations

Focus of our work is on financing concepts. In this context, we support companies in choosing and structuring different ways of corporate financing.

We assist our clients with IPOs or delistings, capital increases, setting up alternative financing as well as fulfilling their publication obligations (e.g. ad-hoc publicity) and capital market compliance.

Tax Law

Our clients frequently encounter tax law issues during planned transformations and company acquisitions as well as succession concepts. We are happy to provide support and, in our advice, we focus on designing reliable tax-optimised solutions that do not lose sight of the practical needs of the client. Our advice is always given in close consultation with the client’s tax advisors.

In addition, we are active in the areas of tax litigation and criminal tax law and represent our clients before the tax authorities and tax courts. In addition, we conduct civil liability proceedings on your behalf.

Intellectual Property and Competition Law

We comprehensively assist our clients in all matters of intellectual property law. Our work focuses on advising and drafting national and international licence, usage and transfer agreements as well as advising and representing clients in court and out-of-court disputes in connection with infringements of intellectual property rights, in particular copyright, trademark, labelling, domain and patent rights.

Our work in the field of trade mark law also includes strategic and conceptual advice on the development of trade marks, the registration and administration of national, foreign and international trade marks as well as representation in proceedings before the German and European Offices and in court proceedings.

In competition law, we provide comprehensive preventive support in the drafting of contracts and general terms and conditions, in the planning and implementation of competition-related measures and in any disputes concerning unfair competition. In addition, we advise and represent you in asserting and defending yourself against breaches of competition law in the form of warning letters, protective letters, interim injunctions and legal proceedings.

We also offer comprehensive advice in the fields of copyright law, design law, utility model law and employee invention law.

Real Estate Law and Commercial Lease

We advise our clients in all matters relating to real estate law. In particular, we support them in the construction, acquisition and sale of real estate, real estate management and real estate leasing.

Our range of advice is aimed at clients with large real estate portfolios as well as clients with individual properties.

Our activities in the field of real estate acquisition include assisting in contract negotiations, conducting due diligence and drafting contracts.

In the area of commercial tenancy law, we review and draft tailor-made commercial tenancy agreements, in particular also taking into account increasingly far-reaching legal restrictions for form tenancy agreements, and provide support in contract negotiations, terminations or questions in the case of ongoing tenancy, such as on maintenance, rights in respect of defects, invoicing of operating costs, structural measures or protection against competition.

Succession Planning

We support wealthy private individuals and entrepreneurs in succession planning, from the exploration of a family-friendly will that promotes family peace, to the conceptualisation and implementation of the necessary regulations and rules (e.g. wills or inheritance contracts, marriage contracts, gift agreements and partnership agreements).

We work with you to develop a succession solution that is tailor-made for you and your family. In doing so, we not only take a look at how your succession can be structured upon your passing, but are also happy to support you with plans for anticipated succession.

You will not only benefit from our expertise in inheritance law, but also from our experience in the field of partnership and corporate law, for example when structuring family, pool or holding companies.

If a company is to be handed over to the next generation, we ensure a smooth transfer of management and take into account your pension interests as well as the tax consequences.

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